OpenBible Each week, the Baptist Church in Horley, Surrey, publishes a news bulletin giving the congregation and visitors information about the Church’s activities. The bulletin, entitled ‘Yours[1], also includes a weekly meditation or reflection; a thought for the week usually written by one of the Church members. Each bulletin remains current for a week, after which it is superseded by the following week’s edition.
During the period of ‘social distancing’ arising from the COVID-19 restrictions, additional reflections and meditations have been published as a means of keeping in touch with the church members and encouraging them. These additional reflections and meditations are included in this site.

The purpose of this website is to provide a resource for Church members and visitors to revisit these reflections and perhaps to gain fresh blessings from re-reading them. The site also includes reflections that have been prepared for special events in the Church’s life, such as Easter and our Week of Prayer. Finally, the site also includes the opportunity for feedback, which can be a valuable source of encouragement to those who seek to bring God’s word through these reflections. The house rules for comments are set out on our Site Policies page.

[1] HBC used to have a newsletter called “Messenger” which was issued monthly but it was decided that a weekly leaflet would be of more benefit to the Church members. It would be handed out as the congregation arrived with the encouragement to read – “this is Yours!”. There used to be a monthly supplement called ‘His‘ concentrating on missionary matters but this has been superseded by newsletters from those organisations and people that the Church currently supports.



The reflections, meditations and transcripts published on this site have been reproduced with the consent of the original authors; the copyright remains with the original authors of those articles. It is a breach of copyright for the articles to be copied or otherwise reproduced without the consent of the respective author.

This site includes quotations from Bible texts, derived mainly but not exclusively from the Bible Gateway online resource. Full details of the licencing requirements are included on our Site Policies page.


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Published, 10/May/2020: Page updated, 23/Jan/2021