COVID19: RoAF Response

Corona Virus: Changes to RoAF Activities

RoAF will continue to support our partners in Romania in their efforts to help those in need there. Asociatia Neemia’s activities are largely funded through the sales from its shop but this is dependent upon the supply of suitable items from RoAF. Without the lorries RoAF will need to make direct financial support available; we have the resources to do this but there will be an impact on our longer-term plans. We appreciate that many of our supporters will have their own financial constraints and we accept that some may have to reconsider their giving to RoAF. Please do not feel embarrassed about this.

The Romanian authorities have stated that the virus is not transmitted via clothing. Therefore it is acceptable for those who have access to suitable items to pack them at home but please limit this to clothing and bedding that is clean and in good condition as we will not be able to do our usual pre-dispatch sorting and labelling. Please avoid including anything else such as toys, household items or stationery as they cannot be adequately fumigated.
Donations of food items in tins or jars (with long expiry dates) can also be prepared but no items that are loose or in packets please. Advice on how these items can be delivered to us is on our ‘Please Note‘ page.
There is currently extra pressure on postal and parcels services. Please do not use these services until further notice.

Remember that RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, our activities would achieve nothing of lasting value. We invite you to continue to pray about all aspects of the current situation, including your personal circumstances and those who are working to resolve the crisis and to mitigate its after-effects.

Published, 24 Mar 2020: Page updated, 30 Aug 2020