Harvest Collections and Food Donations

Our normal packing sessions remain suspended but limited activities are starting again!

Most collection, sorting and packing activities have been suspended. Donations of aid can be received on
Fridays 31st July, then 7-14-21-28th August from 13.30 t0 15.00 ONLY
at Horley Baptist Church CAR PARK.

All donations will be loaded to our van and transported to our warehouse in Billingshurst for sorting and packing. The warehouse will be open to receive deliveries on each Saturday morning during August. Access at other times is limited to authorised personnel only.
Our collection boxes at our Billingshurst warehouse and at St Francis Church, Horley, will be accessible 24-7 as usual.
See our How to Donate page for the location of these boxes.
Parcel delivery arrangements remain suspended.

International travel restrictions and lockdown constraints are limiting the practicalities of sending goods at present. A lorry from Billingshurst has recently arrived in Dorohoi but lorry departures from south Wales are postponed pending clarification of transport arrangements.

Thank you for your support.
The following information will apply once normal activities can be resumed in full



For most of us in the industrialised West, “Harvest” conjures up the stereotypical view of combine harvesters and sheaves of corn. Or perhaps you recall the harvest thanksgivings of years gone by, with their collection of cereals, fruit and vegetables arranged in all their glory. However, for many people in the rural area around Dorohoi in north-eastern Romania the reality is rather different. Harvest is the process by which food gets out of the ground and into their homes, and it involves a lot of hard work to ensure that they have adequate food for the coming winter. Perhaps even worse is the plight of those who have no land and no work. No work means no income which in turns leaves them without the ability to pay for essentials such as food, heating and accommodation.

RoAF is asking you to revive the spirit of harvest thanksgiving, and offers a practical output for your gifts. On a typical day, approximately 25 people come to our office in Dorohoi, seeking help with their problems. Many are hungry or unable to feed their children so AN keeps stocks of basic foodstuffs to help. But those stocks need replenishing and the harvest season is a good time to help. Here is an opportunity to donate those extra ‘2 for 1’ or ‘3 for 2’ items (that didn’t cost you anything!) or perhaps prepare a mixed box of goodies that can be donated to a family in need. It will make you feel good too.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and its implications for transport we have brought this year’s deadline for delivery to our warehouses forward to the middle of October.

Items for Harvest Collections:

The following items are very much appreciated:

  • Pasta shapes, spaghetti, rice, flour;
  • Tinned fruit such as peaches, plums and prunes;
  • Tinned vegetables (except potatoes and maize – these are available locally);
  • Tinned meat and fish such as ham, tuna or sardines;
  • Meat and fish pastes, sandwich spreads, jam;
  • Biscuits (sweet and savoury), simple cakes;
  • Cooking sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • Sugar, coffee (not tea), milk powder, cooking oil;
  • Condiments, instant potato, tinned or packet soups;
  • Soap, shampoo, tooth paste;
  • Disinfectant, washing powder,
  • Simple first-aid items such as plasters, antiseptic, bandages and sticking plasters.


Please note:
·> all items need to be in-date for 4 months, to allow time for transport and distribution.
·> put bagged or bottled items (eg flour or oil) into plastic outer bags to avoid spillage.
·> jars should have an extra layer of wrapping paper, including underneath!
·> include a few carrier bags, for distributing the produce.
Transport from the UK to Romania costs about 40p/kg. However, we appreciate that many donations are already very generous and so a contribution towards fuel costs is entirely optional.

Harvest Collection Leaflet

Harvest leaflet snapshot
Click for a printable A4 harvest collections leaflet (.pdf)

Published, 08 Aug 2016: Page updated, 14 Apr 2020