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Our Christmas gift box appeal is currently suspended, pending clarification of import restrictions.
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Joy in a Box

This is where you will be able to find details of our annual Christmas shoebox gift scheme.
For many families in the Dorohoi area of north-eastern Romania, unemployment and poverty are their daily experience all year round. This sense of deprivation is made worse at Christmas time by the extreme winter temperatures and the widespread pessimism about any improvement. In the autumn of each year, we run our Joy in a Box Appeal, with the aim of bringing to these people some measure of hope and the encouragement of knowing that they have not been forgotten. It is still the case that, for many people these gifts might be the only ones that they receive at Christmas and therefore each box means so much to those who have so little.

Many of the gift boxes that we distribute have been prepared by supporters in the UK whilst others are made up in Dorohoi using funds that supporters designate for that purpose. For example, bulk donations of chocolates or sweets have allowed us to distribute those more widely, whilst specified donations enabled us to give sacks of groceries to several dozen families in particular need. By making up these sacks in Dorohoi we were also able to support the local economy.

In previous years, many schools chose to use this appeal as the basis of pupils’ projects during the autumn term. Preparing the boxes includes elements of geography and history, and raises curiosity about other peoples and the way they live. It also encourages generosity towards those who are worse off that we are. This year we will close the appeal at the end of October, to allow schools time to collect and dispatch the gift boxes after the Autumn half-term break.

Of course, ‘Joy in a Box’ is not limited to schools – many other groups and individuals prepare gift boxes each year. Churches, work colleagues, social clubs, youth clubs and pensioners can all join in. Boxes can be prepared for any age group, male or female, and will be distributed accordingly. Boxes are distributed in Romania by Asociatia Neemia, a registered charity that distributes aid on a year-round basis and is fully acquainted with local needs. Photographs and reports of previous years’ distributions can be found at the AN webpage.


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Note: Each individual gift box must have a contents declaration label attached. This serves as a customs declaration in case of inspection and also allows our team to pass the box on to the most appropriate recipient. The link above leads to a printable label, three copies per A4 page.

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