Our Mission Statement


Working with Romanian people
to bring help to the needy,
hope through the Christian message
and co-operation through joint ventures

Our Mission Statement is important to us. It sums up in just a few lines what we are aiming to achieve. Let’s take a closer look:-

• working with Romanian people

The first line shows how our aim is to be sympathetic to the local culture – working with local people, rather than imposing our ideas. Yes, there are many times when something obvious to us comes as a revelation in Romania, yet there are plenty of times when we see there are very good reasons for doing things differently!

• to bring help to the needy

The second line occupies much of our effort, through our regular aid work and through our various projects.

• hope through the Christian message

The third line reminds us of our Christian roots. We do not promote the Foundation as overtly evangelistic, and we certainly do not discriminate or set conditions for those whom we help. Yet we do ultimately want to show the love of God to people, and to pray for their salvation.

• co-operation through joint ventures

The last line is altogether more worldly! Behind it is the concept that aid alone is not enough. Until the people we are helping can start creating wealth for themselves we will not be making real progress. By helping to start small projects – enterprises – we are encouraging modern business ideas and best practice principles into the area.

Each line and the principles it represents are essential as we seek to balance the needs and opportunities, material and spiritual, immediate and longer-term.

Published, 10 Nov 2010: Page updated, 12 Mar 2019