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Dorohoi, November 1998

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In addition to these newsletters, we publish monthly Prayer Notes which contain news snippets and items for prayer, for those who wish to support our work in this way.

Review of 2018 (Jan'19) incorporating some Joy in a Box 2018 photos  ~  Casa Neemia update (Jan'19)

Review of 2017 (Jan'18) incorporating some Joy in a Box 2017 photos.

Review of 2016 (Jan'17) with Joy in a Box 2016 photo-leaflet.

Review of 2015 (Jan'16) with Joy in a Box 2015 photo-leaflet.

Review of 2014 (Jan'15) with Joy in a Box 2014 photo-leaflet.

News 2014 January with Joy in a Box leaflet and a Housing Project report.

News 2013 January with Joy in a Box leaflet and south Wales report.

News 2012 January with Joy in a Box report  ~  News 2012 June  

News 2011 January with Joy in a Box report  ~   News 2011 August with Harvest Collection leaflet

News 2010 March  ~  News 2010 July including Flood Report

News 2009 January with south Wales report  ~  News 2009 May and family situations report   

News 2008 January  ~  News 2008 April and 2008 Family situations report.

News 2007 January  ~  News 2007 Spring

News 2006 Spring  ~  News 2006 Autumn

>> Newsletters prior to 2006 were not saved in a print-compatible format. The following pages have been reformatted from the original webpages and may be incomplete:

News 2005 Spring  ~  News 2005 Autumn

News 2004 Spring  ~  News 2004 Autumn

News 2003 February  ~  News 2003 May  ~  News 2003 Autumn

News 1999 March  ~  News 1999 May  ~  News 1999 October  ~  News 1999 November


A Rural Community, November 2011


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