Priority Items

Priority Items for Romania

Our usual activities in Horley and Billingshurst have been suspended. Current restrictions mean that we will not be able to resume person-to-person activities such as collections and packing whilst they are in force. This also means that we cannot resume warehouse activities in Billingshurst. Restarting later in February seems unlikely and resuming later will be dependent upon restrictions in force at that time.
Activities in south Wales are similarly subject to local restrictions.

However, our activities in Romania are able to continue using existing stocks and under some limitations – see the AN site for news from our team in Dorohoi.

Important – Our 24/7 deposit boxes cannot be emptied during this period – please do not use them until restrictions on movement have been relaxed.

We do not expect to send a lorry until after Easter 2021 at the earliest; this is dependent upon prevailing restrictions and new customs regulations. Procedures for both export from the UK and import into Romania are currently being determined and it may take longer to establish any new requirements for sending goods.
Initially, at least, the range of acceptable items is likely to be extremely limited.


The list below indicates items that are acceptable to the Romanian authorities and which meet the priority needs of the people that we are helping. All items must be in a clean and serviceable condition.
This list does not include food or domestic consumables, details of which can be found on our ‘Harvest’ page.

Please do not send prescription medicines.
These drugs are potentially dangerous if misused. AN does not have the expertise or the legal authority to distribute them safely and local pharmacies cannot accept them. Disposal becomes a serious problem and they are a waste of precious load space. Non-prescription medicines, vitamins, energy drinks and unused items such as bandages or syringes are still acceptable.
Please also refer to the exclusions list at the foot of this page.

Summary of Priority Items

The list of priority items has been withdrawn pending clarification of the new customs regulations.

Please DO NOT send the following items:
  • Prescription Medicines or specialised medical equipment.
  • Used underwear or socks. Clothing with political or provocative designs.
  • Dirty or damaged toys, ‘plush’ toys, guns, knives, swords, etc.
  • Landline telephones, TV decoders, obsolete comms equipment.
  • Text books and/or novels requiring language skills in English (neu Gymraeg!)
  • These items cannot be donated and compromise the provision of more useful items.


Published, 06 May 2014: Page updated, 30 Jan 2021