Refugee Assistance

We are actively involved in providing help for refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Our activities in Romania are based in Dorohoi which is just 15 miles from the border with Ukraine at its nearest point; the official crossing points are further away but still within easy reach. Our help for refugees is provided through two principal initiatives.

Many refugees have arrived with only what they could carry. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of many people in the UK we have a stock of clothing, knitwear and bedding left after the winter, and we have been able to share items with those who are providing front line relief.

Photos: Help for refugees

  • Bedding from UK (Hull Knitwits)
  • An offer of blankets, in co-operation with Star of Hope
  • A warm room is ready, in co-operation with Havirna town council
  • Bedding from UK An offer of blankets A warm room is ready

    Many of the arrivals prefer to head towards established Ukrainian communities further west. With the co-operation of our existing residents at Casa Neemia, we have been able to make overnight accommodation available to new arrivals. We can offer a warm welcome, a quiet room, hot meals and, if necessary, a tankful of fuel to help them on their journey.
    For many, it is a journey to ‘who knows where?’

    Photos:Help for refugees

    • Hospitality
    • Security
    • A tank of fuel
    • Hospitality Security A tank of fuel

      More details are on the site maintained by our Romanian partner Asociatia Neemia

      Published, 15 Mar 2022: Page updated, 16 Mar 2022