RoAF faq

Why are we still sending aid to Romania?

The short answer is because there are still needy people who appreciate what we are able to give to them.

Is the Romanian Aid Foundation really a foundation?

In the strict definition of a charity foundation, no. RoAF is not a source of funding for third-party projects but rather has its own charitable activities which it pursues in co-operation with partner organisations and individuals. The reasons for the choice of name are lost in time.

What items do you send?

Please refer to our Priority Items page.

Why do we see so many houses with satellite dishes?

In western Europe we are accustomed to associating satellite dishes with a certain lifestyle; an extra-cost add-on to the standard television network. In rural Romania, the terrestrial network has limited content and is often unreliable. Cable systems are available in towns and larger settlements but installation in rural areas is not cost-effective. A satellite subscription is relatively inexpensive and is often the most practical solution.

Why do so many “poor” people have mobile phones?

As with satellite dishes, in western Europe we are still accustomed to thinking of mobile phones as luxury items. In rural Romania, landlines serve only the towns and larger villages and there are few telephone kiosks or call boxes. Mobile phone technology is relatively new and competition amongst suppliers means that a phone can be obtained quite cheaply. In addition, many people keep the phone for receiving calls only, and prefer for you to call them!

How can I help?

Sending the aid involves several different types of activity:
– collecting, sorting and packing donated items;
– transfer to our warehouses;
– staffing our warehouses during their open days;
– loading lorries as part of a team;
– preparing documentation and publicity;
– supporting the work through prayer and financial giving.
Please visit our contacts page if you would like to get involved.

Published, 16 Apr 2019: Page updated, 06 Mar 2020