Please Note
Changes to RoAF Activities

Our usual activities in Horley and Billingshurst have been suspended. Current restrictions mean that we will not be able to resume person-to-person activities such as collections and packing whilst they are in force. This also means that we cannot resume warehouse activities in Billingshurst. Restarting later in March seems unlikely and resuming later will be dependent upon restrictions in force at that time.
Activities in south Wales are similarly subject to local restrictions.
However, our activities in Romania are able to continue using existing stocks and under some limitations - see the AN site for news from our team in Dorohoi.
Important - Our 24/7 deposit boxes cannot be emptied during this period - please do not use them until restrictions on movement have been relaxed.



As we gradually ease lock down we will begin to re adjust the lorry load we have at Billingshurst ready to be loaded during May/June.
Things have changed!! The most important change concerns you supporters who bring loaded boxes to Billingshurst, Horley or who send via post or parcel services.
  • Each box must have the contents and the accurate weight clearly marked.
  • Any article of clothing from shoes to socks to hats and all in between mark as worn clothing.
  • Non perishable food must be boxed with clean packaging materials - don't pack out with clothing.
  • Household and kitchen items must be separated by box, metal utensils or pottery ware.
  • Large plastic toys are not to be sent at present.
  • Large items such as garden tools must be wrapped and tied in a bundle.

NO ELECTRICAL ITEMS until further notice with the exception of used laptops with a keyboard.
It is our team in Dorohoi who will have the load scrutinised against the documents we send with the lorry. A lot of work has been done both in U.K. and more so in Dorohoi to encourage a smooth delivery for our lorries in the future. We do not want to blot our copy book with our first lorry since leaving the E.U.

Packing and sorting in Horley along with the Saturday opening at Billingshurst are not anticipated just yet.

Items for your attention …

Packing for Romania

~ The packing team in Horley normally meets from 1:30 to 3:30 on Friday afternoons at Horley Baptist Church building which is on Court Lodge Road, RH6 8RG, opposite the shopping parade. The team does not meet on Good Friday or on the Fridays during the Christmas and New Year seasons and usually takes a break throughout August, resuming activities on the first Saturday of September.

~ If you are able to prepare Christmas shoe boxes this year please arrange for your boxes to be at Horley on or before Friday 20th November or Billingshurst on 21st November. Thank you again for your continuing support.

~ The Billingshurst warehouse is open between 09:30 and 12:30 each Saturday – deliveries at other times are strictly by appointment only. The warehouse is not normally open on Saturdays during August or over the Christmas and New Year period.

~ The clothes collection boxes at St Francis’s Church in Horley and at our warehouse in Billingshurst are open 24-7 as usual. However, collections from these boxes will be subject to local restrictions; please do not leave items outside these boxes.

~ The south Wales teams’ normal activities continue, in so far as current restrictions allow.

Please remember to check our Priority Items list before donating items for Romania. For up-to-date information please contact your local co-ordinators.

Please do not send prescription medicines. These drugs are potentially dangerous if misused. AN does not have the expertise or the legal authority to distribute them safely and local pharmacies cannot accept them. Disposal becomes a serious problem and they are a waste of precious load space. Non-prescription medicines, vitamins, energy drinks and unused items such as bandages or syringes are still acceptable.


Lorry Programme

The most recent departures were
– mid November from Swansea
– late November from Billingshurst

The next departures are being planned for:
– from Lampeter and Swansea – not determined
– from Billingshurst – not determined
The lorry departure programme is subject to alteration at short notice.. Planned departure dates are subject to any travel restrictions that may be applied in the countries through which the trucks must travel.


Published, 10 Nov 2015: Page updated, 10 Mar 2021