Please Note
Changes to RoAF Activities

Items for your attention …

On 11th September we resumed our venue for packing and sorting inside Horley Baptist Church from 13.30 to 15.30 each Friday. Distancing rules apply! Please note that because of a blood donor session in the church on Fridays 25th September and 4th December we will not be packing on those dates.
Our Billingshurst warehouse will be open as usual on Saturdays from 09:30 to 12.00
Our collection boxes at St Francis Church, Horley, and our warehouse at Billingshurst will be open 24-7 as usual.
Parcel delivery arrangements remain suspended.
International travel restrictions and lockdown constraints are limiting the practicalities of sending goods at present. The pre-Christmas lorry from Billingshurst is scheduled to leave on 28th November, subject to travel restrictions that apply then. ...
Christmas gift boxes need to be brought to the church on Friday 20th November or to the warehouse on Saturday 21st November.

Thank you for your support.
The following information will apply once normal activities can be resumed in full


Packing for Romania

~ The packing team in Horley normally meets from 1:30 to 3:30 on Friday afternoons at Horley Baptist Church building which is on Court Lodge Road, RH6 8RG, opposite the shopping parade. The team does not meet on Good Friday or on the Fridays during the Christmas and New Year seasons and usually takes a break throughout August, resuming activities on the first Saturday of September.

~ If you are able to prepare Christmas shoe boxes this year please arrange for your boxes to be at Horley on or before Friday 20th November or Billingshurst on 21st November. Thank you again for your continuing support.

~ The Billingshurst warehouse is open between 09:30 and 12:30 each Saturday – deliveries at other times are strictly by appointment only. The warehouse is not normally open on Saturdays during August or over the Christmas and New Year period.

~ The clothes collection boxes at St Francis’s Church in Horley and at our warehouse in Billingshurst are open 24-7 as usual. However, collections from these boxes will be subject to local restrictions; please do not leave items outside these boxes.

~ The south Wales teams’ normal activities continue, in so far as current restrictions allow.

Please remember to check our Priority Items list before donating items for Romania. For up-to-date information please contact your local co-ordinators.

Please do not send prescription medicines. These drugs are potentially dangerous if misused. AN does not have the expertise or the legal authority to distribute them safely and local pharmacies cannot accept them. Disposal becomes a serious problem and they are a waste of precious load space. Non-prescription medicines, vitamins, energy drinks and unused items such as bandages or syringes are still acceptable.


Lorry Programme

The most recent departures were
– mid July from Billingshurst
– mid September from Lampeter and Swansea

The next departures are being planned for:
– from Lampeter and Swansea – 23rd October
– from Billingshurst – 28th November
The lorry departure programme is subject to alteration at short notice.. Planned departure dates are subject to any travel restrictions that may be applied in the countries through which the trucks must travel.


Published, 10 Nov 2015: Page updated, 18 Oct 2020