Monthly Prayer Notes

The Romanian Aid Foundation – October 2019

RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Below and overleaf we offer some prayer pointers, but please feel free to add your own items as they come to mind. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, this work would achieve nothing of lasting value.
Brexit continues to dominate our aid transport planning for the rest of the year. In the hope of avoiding any border problems the next departure from south Wales is due to leave on 19th October. By contrast, the departure from Billingshurst is pencilled in for mid-November in the expectation that even if delayed the load will arrive in time for Christmas.

Reminder –
Christmas gift box deadline is mid-October – will yours be ready?

Give thanks …

1. For a further generous bequest which will be designated for a special project in Romania (as yet undecided).
2. Enough goods and support to let us plan two further loads this year.

Please pray …

1. For a clear understanding of how Brexit will affect our aid deliveries.
2. For the drivers who will have the responsibility for these loads – it is possible that the formalities might be more complicated than usual.

Asociaţia Neemia – October 2019

A joint load from west Wales and Billingshurst early in September brought additional stocks of clothing and bedding, the latter in particular will be appreciated during the coming winter. The load also included more rice, oil and sugar which will help those adversely affected by the poor harvest and rising food prices. An additional local donation of foodstuffs was gratefully received, despite the physical effort involved in moving 300 kg of pickled cauliflower!

The lack of rain during the past three months has meant that our garden produce at Casa Neemia has not been to the quality of previous years. However, the polytunnel continues to provide good quantities of tomatoes, aubergines, chillies and peppers. Our housekeeper, Angelica, has bottled much of this produce and it will be available for the residents during the winter.

September proved to be a good month for construction projects. The AN project team has been involved with the building of a replacement house for a poor household in Dimacheni. The project has been sponsored by supporters in west Wales and local workers have undertaken much of the construction work itself.

Please do not send prescription medicines. These drugs are potentially dangerous if misused. AN does not have the expertise or the legal authority to distribute them safely and local pharmacies cannot accept them. Non-prescription medicines, vitamins, energy drinks and unused items such as bandages or syringes are still acceptable.

Give thanks …

1. For the opportunity to demonstrate God’s care through the provision of a new home for a poor household.
2. For additional stocks of food from local sources.

Please pray …

1. For wisdom in resolving competing demands upon limited resources – rising prices not only lead to increased number of appeals for help but also have an adverse impact on the costs of operating the charity.
2. For Gabriela as she takes on the duties of office receptionist.

Our photos this month:

– Unloading incoming aid
– Replacement house at Dimacheni
– Preparing for autumn, harvesting maize

Unloading at Dealu MareNew house, DimacheniHarvesting maize

More details in the RoAF photo gallery


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