Monthly Prayer Notes

The Romanian Aid Foundation – May 2020

RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Below and overleaf we offer some prayer pointers, but please feel free to add your own items as they come to mind. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, this work would achieve nothing of lasting value.

Most of our activities in the UK are undertaken by pensioners which means that we are at a standstill pending the lifting of the restrictions on the movement of older people. However, individuals are able to continue some activities such as knitting or preparing items on a single person basis although we are not as yet able to collect and pack any items. The current restrictions mean:
– Friday packing sessions are suspended;
– Normal warehouse activities are suspended;
– Team meetings are moving to digital media;
– Parcels collections are suspended;
– Lorry departures are postponed.

Give thanks …

1. For the opportunity to source some items in Romania, to help some of the people some of the time.
2. That most of our staff and supporters remain in good health.

Please pray …

1. For the security of our warehouses and the goods awaiting transport whilst it is difficult to keep an eye on them.
2. That activities in Romania can continue without risking our team there

Asociaţia Neemia – May 2020

The work of AN has not stopped during this period of emergency. We did reduce the hours of work, but we kept the office and shop open. During the first part from this emergency period very few people were coming to the office to ask for help; the same at the shop, very few customers, but in the last week a lot of people came especially to the office.

We have some stock of clothes in the office that we are able to donate straight away. We were able to buy some bulk food like pizza, yogurt and ice cream at a very convenient price. We also bought a chest freezer where we keep the food and are able to donate it to families and Casa Neemia. At Casa Neemia the boys (most of them are isolated) have been helpful working and seeding the garden, but struggling to cope with one another after being all together there for long time.

In the warehouse we have left some summer boxes for the shop (not many) but the stock is mainly winter items – blue fleeces (Shoe Zone), and some white duvets and knitted items. This year we seeded the land at the warehouse with maize, which will be milled into flour in the autumn. We estimate that in this circumstances, without receiving a lorry with goods we may cope till middle of June (office and shop).

Some additional photos this month:

– Masks are in fashion
– Donations to families

Donation at the Door Masks in Fashion Pizza and Yoghurt
A Gift of Seeds Pizza Delivery Ice Cream

More details in the RoAF photo gallery


These Prayer Updates are published monthly on behalf of the Romanian Aid Foundation and its Romanian partner charity, Asociatia Neemia. The publication date is usually the Friday preceding the second Tuesday of each month. Printer-friendly .pdf versions of our previous prayer notes can be accessed by clicking the required link:

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