Monthly Prayer Notes

The Romanian Aid Foundation – January 2021

Current restrictions mean that we will not be able to resume person-to-person activities in Horley and Billingshurst such as collections and packing whilst they are in force. This also means that we cannot resume warehouse activities in Billingshurst. Restarting later in February will be dependent upon restrictions in force at that time.
Activities in south Wales are similarly subject to local restrictions.

Give thanks …

1. For the continuity of interest amongst our supporters.
2. For the optimism to look forward to better times ahead.

Please pray …

1. For clarity in the customs procedures for exporting aid.
2. For security of our warehouses in the absence of regular activities.

Asociaţia Neemia – January 2021

2020 may have gone but its effects will continue to be felt for some time to come. Many people doing “non-essential” jobs have found their income has shrunk dramatically but at the same time there have been some very significant rises in the cost of living.

Despite the difficulties, the AN team has continued to function and has provided help to needy people in this area. In 2020 as a whole, we made some 3,200 donations of clothing and other goods to 950 separate households. These donations had a total UK equivalent value of £56,000. Financial assistance has continued but on a very limited scale as the income from the shop is also very low and we can help only the most deserving of cases. We are grateful for extra sponsorship from the UK which has helped during the year.

Give thanks …

1. For sufficient stocks of clothing and other goods to be able to continue making donations.
2. For those whose gift boxes brought joy at Christmas.

Please pray …

1. For those of our staff who have been affected by the Covid pandemic during 2020.
2. For the rapid return of stability after both Covid and Brexit.

Our photos this month:

  • A gift of happiness
  • A gift of essentials
  • A gift of warmth
  • Christmas gift boxes
A gift of happinessA gift of essentialsA gift of warmth
Christmas giftsChristmas giftsChristmas gifts
More details in the RoAF photo gallery

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