Monthly Prayer Notes

The Romanian Aid Foundation – October 2021

RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Below and overleaf we offer some prayer pointers, but please feel free to add your own items as they come to mind. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, this work would achieve nothing of lasting value.

A second load has been dispatched from the Billingshurst warehouse and preparations are well in hand for a load to be dispatched from Swansea in the near future.

RoAF is not actively promoting the Christmas gift box scheme this year. We can accept boxes for named persons but the bulk distribution via schools and churches is no longer appropriate. There is an alternative arrangement whereby the most needy families will receive a donation of food purchased in Romania. See the website if you would like to help.

Give thanks …

1. For all the generosity which these loads represent.
2. For those whose efforts make the transport arrangements work well.

Please pray …

1. About plans for a further load before Christmas.

Asociaţia Neemia – October 2021

We are once again grateful for the delivery of another consignment of aid items. It is good to see the stock accumulating in the warehouse but better still to be able to pass the items on to people who have need for them. We have had many requests for bicycles and walking frames so it is helpful to have received more of each. Of particular value this time was two tons of rice, donated by a foundation in south Wales and transported via Billingshurst. The stock of knitwear including hats, scarves, gloves, and teddies is also building up ready for the winter. Many thanks to those individuals and groups who can use their knitting skills to help others to keep warm.

It has been a good year for sunflowers. We have harvested several hundred kilos of seeds which will be pressed to provide oil for donation. Earlier in the year there was a good crop of fruit at the warehouse, again demonstrating the value of having the extra land there.

As the weather becomes cooler we need to consider the possibility of purchasing firewood for a limited number of families. Policies intended to preserve the natural forests and encourage economic progress have led to increases in the costs of all forms of energy to the point where many households have difficulties keeping warm in the winter months.

Romania has again achieved notoriety as one of the hot-spots for renewed COVID outbreaks. There is little confidence in the authorities to establish effective counter-measures and the restrictions that are imposed are widely regarded as optional. This has an impact on how our staff go about their work especially as we cannot assume that all our visitors have complied with the health recommendations.

Give thanks …

1. For the safe arrival of another load at the end of last month.
2. For good crops at the warehouse and at Casa Neemia.

Please pray …

1. For good health for our staff, volunteers and residents.
2. For a greater degree of stability and integrity amongst those have the responsibility of leading the nation.

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Our photos this month: Unloading at the AN Warehouse