Monthly Prayer Notes

The Romanian Aid Foundation – August 2019

RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Below and overleaf we offer some prayer pointers, but please feel free to add your own items as they come to mind. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, this work would achieve nothing of lasting value.
If your decorating is done and you are bored by the beach you could start to prepare for Christmas. Each year, RoAF collects several thousand gift boxes for distribution to needy households in north-east Romania. Due to impending Brexit we need to send the boxes earlier this year so please try to have your gifts ready by mid-October.
Advance notice – the Horley packing team will be taking its annual August break next month. The final packing day for this session will be on 26th July and activities will begin again on 6th September. The Billingshurst warehouse will be closed for deliveries during August except by special appointment. Our teams in south and west Wales will be making their own arrangements and should be contacted directly.

Give thanks …

1. For the promise of a large quantity of duvets, which will be appreciated during the coming winter.
2. For a healthy stock of donated items awaiting the new packing session.

Please pray …

1. For a clearer understanding of how Brexit will affect our aid deliveries, especially with regard to documentation and customs procedures.
2. For the arrangements for lorries departing in September and October

Asociaţia Neemia – August 2019

In August many expatriate Romanians return home, to visit their wider families and perhaps to continue building that dream home that they might retire to some day. This is a season when there are plenty of opportunities for casual employment, both in construction and in the agricultural sector where another bumper crop is forecast. Ironically, the commercial crops are not intended for consumption in Romania – cereals are exported to the far east whilst vegetables and soft fruits make their way to western consumers. As a result, retail food prices are rising rapidly as traders in the domestic supply chain endeavour to complete against the higher returns from the export markets.

Our land at the warehouse has produced a large crop of sunflowers which will be harvested and pressed to produce fresh oil for donation to our families. The by-product from the pressing process is used for animal feed so little goes to waste. In addition, the polytunnel at Casa Neemia has provided us with a good crop of vegetables; some have been bottled for use by the residents during the winter and the rest is being distributed among our registered families.

Camp update: We have received more photos from the camp, they can be viewed online via our website at ‘’. Once again it has been a successful camp where the children found out more about God’s love and made new friendships while they had a lot of fun. Many thanks to those who helped make it happen.

Give thanks …

1. For good crops from our various plots of land, which give us an additional source of food to share with our registered households.
2. For the opportunity to to reconstruct a severely degraded house for a family in a remote rural area.

Please pray …

1. For staffing changes that will take place during the summer, in particular the appointment of a new receptionist at the AN office.
2. For Robert as he continues to develop relationships with the residents of Casa Neemia and the others of our ‘wild bunch’.

Our photos this month illustrate various crops at this time of year:

Bringing the harvest homeSunflower vistaBottling vegetables

More details in the RoAF photo gallery


These Prayer Updates are published monthly on behalf of the Romanian Aid Foundation and its Romanian partner charity, Asociatia Neemia. The publication date is usually the Friday preceding the second Tuesday of each month. Printer-friendly .pdf versions of our previous prayer notes can be accessed by clicking the required link:

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