Great Knits

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Winters in the northeast of Romania can be cold and warm clothing is essential. For some years we received donations of knitted items from groups and individuals who all enjoy knitting and we have been able to provide an outlet for their labours by taking knitted garments, blankets and toys to some of the needy families in Romania.

If you are a knitter and would like to join in then please contact us for details of the types of items that are most valuable. We invite the leaders of knitting groups to keep their contact details up to date so that we can provide feedback when appropriate and we may also be able to put you in contact with other people who enjoy the same hobby. We appreciate that knitting can be an expensive activity. When we are able, we like to give wool, needles and patterns to those who have the skill and time to knit garments for those who are unable to do so them selves. If you have a quantity of wool to pass on then we can find a good use for it. 

We have year-round requests for babywear and blankets for the elderly. In the cooler times of year there is also a need for warm clothing, especially socks, scarves and hats, and including items suitable for children to wear in school. Equally popular are the knitted squares that we can distribute to people, to assemble into blankets of a size appropriate to their needs. Assembling these squares can also act as therapy for those who need to exercise their hands.

This photos illustrate the types of garments, blankets and toys which have been sent to Romania; click on any of the photos to visit our gallery for enlargements and other photos.


Published, 09 Jun 2015: Page updated, 07 Mar 2019